Trek 1.0 “Smarty Stots” is here!

It is with great pleasure that, today, we introduce Trek 1.0 “Smarty Stots” in honor of history’s great thinker and educator, Aristotle.

Trek 1.0 "Smarty Stots"

Trek 1.0 comes packed with everything you need to create, manage, and sell online courses.

While this is but our humble beginning (world domination plans currently in development), we’re proud to say Trek is ready to serve your needs as an independent course creator or small school.

This release was built on the feedback of dozens of beta testers as well as our own needs as course creators. That’s right, the whole Trek team (all 3 of us) relies on Trek to deliver the courses we create.

Let’s take a brief tour of the best parts of our first official release.

Drag & Drop Course Builder

My favorite feature is the drag and drop course builder that makes planning and organizing a new curriculum (or re-organizing an existing one) a snap.


The main screen of the builder allows you to create chapters and lessons quickly and then drag them around however you want until your course is in just the right order. Our brains rarely work in a linear fashion. Why try to build a course that way?

All the course settings and other do-hickyes are in a tidy trio of buttons at the top of the screen—out of the way, but ready for you when you’re ready for them.

The Dashboard

The dashboard does what any good dashboard should do: show you all the critical information you need as quickly possible.


Get a quick read on how many students you have, how much revenue you’ve brought in (make it rain!), or quickly jump to a course that needs work or a student question that needs an answer.

Site Preferences

Your school needs a name. A nice color helps, too. A logo, you ask? Yep, we’ve got that covered. Just head to the preferences page.


You can also set up a welcome email in your site preferences. It will be delivered to each new student when they join your school.

Addons to Extend Your School

We’ve worked hard to keep Trek simple and clean. Most educators will find it does everything it needs to help them teach the way they want to right out of the box.

Of course, someone like me likes to do fancy stuff with my courses. Maybe you do, too? That’s why we’re building out our addon marketplace. If you’ve ever felt cheated paying for a big package of features just so you could have that one feature that was bundled with it, we’re ready to change that status quo.


To start, you can extend your school with addons like custom domains (for branding), content dripping, and hidden courses. And we have integration addons for Stripe, Mailchimp, and Google Analytics so that your Trek school works with the other services you use (many more on the way).

So Much More to Come

1.0. How exciting! We’re both proud of what we’ve created and humbled by the work ahead of us to make your online teaching experience the best it can possibly be.

Our mission is to build tools that make it easy for you to give your students an incredible learning experience. We can’t wait for you to check out v1.0 and tell us what you think (and what you want us to build next).

Okay, back to work!