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Teach Online: Why Bloggers Are the Future of Education

The world of education has been turned on its head a few times in recent decades. You can thank the internet for that. And there’s little sign that how we teach online will stop changing any time soon, either.

If you’ve learned anything yourself in the last decade (I hope so!), you might have noticed the explosion of content aimed at helping you learn faster, better, and easier.

Looking through my own recent search history, I can see in just the last few weeks I’ve learned how to:

  • Fix a part on my car on YouTube
  • Write a snippet of PHP for my website from W3 Schools
  • Create an advanced email automation campaign on Lynda, and
  • Set up a woodworking shop on Udemy

These are but a tiny fraction of the things I’ve learned by turning to everyday experts—often bloggers—to teach me. And many of them make a tidy profit sharing their expertise with me. Continue